Welcome to Ali Asghar Textile Mills Limited

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers & Exporters of cotton yarns from Pakistan. Our company represents a 14,400 spindle ring spinning unit by the name of Ali Asghar Textile Mills Limited.

Ali Asghar Textile Mills was established in 1969 with the help of Toyoda and Murata Machinery. Original design was for a 12,000 spindle operation, however subsequent expansions over the course of time have taken AATML to a level of 14,400 spindle. Recent additions have been towards diversifying the product range to encompass doubled yarn. As result approximately 2000 tons of yarn are been doubled per annum.

As the Pakistan Textile Industry took root in the early 1960's the founders of ALI ASHGAR TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED forged a unique philosophy of doing business. It was built around a deep commitment to product quality and customer services. That philosophy continues till today.

Today the company is headed by it's CEO & Director Mr. Nadeem Ellahi Shaikh states "To be successful in any business we believe that we need to provide something better than our competition. Even if our organization provides Yarn at the same price and quality as our competition, it will be our people who make the difference". We prepare all our employees to meet the challenges ahead by providing proper training and open communication which are an important key to our success. You need good people if you are to accomplish your goals and we have the best.